5 methods to improve the quality of your videos

Jadon Lawson
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Are the video files you record not impressive in quality? Would you like to learn how to change it?

Take care of the background, necessary equipment and attitude while recording

The quality of the video you record depends a lot on the background. When you try to record while walking on a popular promenade in the city and you do it with your phone – the quality will be terrible. You should first move to a quiet, closed room. Take care of proper soundproofing and lack of echo. Then set your camera or phone to a bright, solid background. There should be video lights behind or next to the camera. The right light can make a big difference in the quality of your videos, even when you’re recording with your phone

If you want to speak, plus use teaching aids like a marker board, position it slightly behind you so the camera in the foreground captures you. You can also add some props that are associated with the topic you will be speaking about. Another item that will certainly improve the audio quality of your video is a microphone. Use a stand or tie model that will bring a dose of professionalism to your presentation

Also make sure you dress appropriately. Washed jeans paired with a T-Shirt of your favorite band is not a good choice. Of course, if everything is to be kept in an elegant style and you want to convey substantive content. Otherwise, you dress as you please. Speak slowly, but not too slowly, look at the camera lens, but not all the time – run your eyes away from the device and try to use teaching aids – your video from the purely presentation side will benefit a lot from this.

Improve quality during video editing

As you well know, just recording the footage is only the first step on the way to publishing it. The next step is, of course, editing the video file. We present two programs that allow you to interfere with many aspects of your video, such as color, saturation, sound, stabilization or adding stylish transitions.

Movavi Video Enhancer

A program that improves video quality – with its help you can automatically improve videos in AVI, MP4 and other formats. It’s a simple way to correct video. The program will also enable you to professionally improve the quality of your recordings. Such action requires some knowledge, but the program is very intuitive and well made in terms of graphic design. It will allow you to:

  • warm/cold character with the Temperature option,
  • split videos into shorter fragments,
  • merge several video files into one,
  • change filters,
  • create aesthetic transitions,
  • introducing special effects,
  • commenting and informing the audience with on-screen text (adding text boxes),
  • drag-and-drop interface,
  • audio correction (adjust volume, apply filters or trim the audio track),
  • image stabilization.

Choose Movavi Video Enhancer and see for yourself how quickly and easily you can improve the quality of your recorded files. You can upload your videos to Youtube, Facebook or any other platform from within the application.

Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro

Another program that allows you to improve video quality. With its help you can stabilize images, remove flickering or optimize contrasts in a few moments. Some examples of how Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro works:

  • improves videos recorded with your phone, drone, camcorder or digital camera,
  • allows you to get highly effective image stabilization,
  • allows you to introduce the effect of slow motion or time-lapse movie,
  • reduces noise and removes flicker,
  • it has a batch processing option,
  • rotates and edits footage with the built-in automatic editor,
  • automatically removes the fisheye effect,
  • improves sharpness and color,
  • it allows you to adjust color and contrast as you wish.

Optimize your video faster and easier with better hardware

You can skip many of the video optimizations listed here by buying better hardware. A newer generation microphone will improve audio quality wherever you are. When you decide to buy a specialized camera, you increase the resolution of your footage regardless of indoor or outdoor conditions. Opt for Green Screen, too, and your video will get the background you want!

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