Body rolling – what do you need for it?

Jadon Lawson
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Body rolling is a muscle-fascial relaxation technique. It can help relieve muscle tension, soreness and inflammation and increase joint range of motion.

Rolling can be an effective warm-up and resting method before and after exercise. Want to get started rolling your body? Here are some tools you can start your adventure with.

Body rolling is all about the right roller. There are different types of body rollers available in the market. When choosing one for yourself, you should take into account its shape, hardness, surface and length

The second tool you should have when rolling is a mat. It is not essential, however it significantly improves comfort of exercises. Some rollers (especially those completely smooth) may tend to slip on the dance floor. A mat is also a good option for hygienic reasons.

Hardness of the roller

The choice is huge – from soft ones made of foam to hard plastic ones.

Shape of the roller

The most popular shape is that of a cylinder with various diameters. There are also rollers in the shape of a ball and a double ball for relaxing paraspinal muscles.

Roller’s surface

It is the surface area which determines the depth of work while rolling the body. There are rollers available on the market ranging from completely smooth to those with various bumps.

Rollers’ length

Short (35-45 cm) rollers are designed for smaller body parts, long (70-90 cm) for larger body parts.

Which roller to choose?

In most cases, especially if you are new to body rolling, a simple and versatile roller is the best choice. However, if you need precise action on specific muscles, you will need to purchase a roller designed for specific body parts.

When purchasing a roller, you should be guided by your experience in rolling, your expectations and the degree of versatility of the roller. Keep in mind that the more tense you are, the more pain you will experience during a massage. To start with, choose a roller that is relatively soft and versatile, on which you can easily learn the rolling technique. The best choice is a smooth foam roller with a cylindrical shape.

As your experience increases and your muscles become more accustomed to the roller, you may want to choose a harder roller. If you decide to use a roller with bumps, keep in mind that it will dig deep into the designated areas of the body, which causes additional pain, but also deeper relaxation. It is necessary to find the golden mean in such a case, and it is best to consult a specialist with a lot of experience.

If you feel pain in your back or neck muscles, it is worth choosing rollers in the shape of a ball (pressure on a specific place) or a double ball (rolling the muscles of the spine). Remember that you must not roll the skeletal system!

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