How to choose a business laptop

Jadon Lawson
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Nowadays, a laptop is an indispensable tool for everyday office work, which often takes on a mobile nature. Devices used to manage the company and carry out projects should be functional and reliable. Read what to consider when buying a business laptop.

Adapting to corporate requirements

A business laptop usually means a high-end device that has been customized for corporate work. These are usually performance-oriented laptops and have a user biometric encryption system to support data protection. When choosing a business laptop for yourself or an employee, it’s a good idea to tailor it to individual needs. Graphic designers, engineers in various fields, architects or programmers will need devices with high-resolution displays and equipped with powerful processors.


Business laptops are often equipped with add-ons that guarantee data security and the ability to authorize access to the computer. An example of a good business laptop is the Lenovo Thinkpad P, which offers the highest level of security through hardware and software. The device is equipped with a fingerprint reader for biometric system login and a camera with facial recognition. There are business laptops on the market that have an extensive set of ports and allow the support of self-encrypting drives. Noteworthy in particular is the Lenovo Thinkpad L that supports NFC, which uses contactless cards for employee authentication, but also the classic Smart Card reader. It also has a fingerprint reader and additional security features sewn into the BIOS.


Modern office work may be remote in nature or require meetings with clients outside the office. A business laptop should be lightweight, durable and easy to transport. Corporate devices often have a variety of features, such as matte matrix to allow the use of the laptop in harsh lighting conditions, touch screen or splash-resistant keyboard with TrackPoint and backlight. When buying a laptop you should pay attention to the durability of the casing and battery capacity, so that the laptop allows for many hours of continuous work without connecting a charger. 

High-quality display

Corporate laptops should combine attractive design with functionality. It is advisable to choose a laptop equipped with the latest image technology. Graphics, offered by the device, should be clear and colors should be realistic. A matte matrix, which prevents glare on the surface of the screen, is also very important in everyday work, which translates into readability of the displayed image. The glossy matrix certainly does not work well when working outdoors or outdoors on a sunny day. It is also worth noting the technology of reduced blue light emission, which allows for prolonged and less straining the eyesight work in front of the screen. 

Port layout 

You should also pay attention to the fact that the business laptop is equipped with a wide selection of ports. A functional device should guarantee compatibility with numerous peripheral devices.

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