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Winter is here, which makes it the perfect time to start working on your form for summer. However, each exercise should start with a warm-up and stretching. We check what gadgets will make this chore easier or more pleasant.

Why to stretch at all?

To take care of your health, we do not have to buy an expensive pass to the gym. Many exercises, including stretching ones, we can do at home. We often underestimate stretching, because it does not bring visible effects quickly, but the range of benefits is very wide.

Stretching is the best way to prepare your muscles and joints to be able to perform a greater range of motion. Frequent stretching will make us more flexible, and activities that were once tiring for us will become much easier. Stretching will also help protect against injuries and soreness. There is a reason why it is an obligatory point of all running trainings. Our muscles contract during intense exercise, and stretching after training will help them return to their natural form. Stretching also helps to provide adequate blood supply to our muscles, and thus more oxygen and minerals responsible for their regeneration will be delivered to them. And perhaps most importantly: there is nothing better than a moment of relaxation while stretching our body.

The most interesting accessories for stretching

On the market you will find many gadgets to help us in effective stretching. Which of them is worth having in your home?

Rubbers and tapes

All kinds of rubbers and bands are very helpful in stretching. They are mainly used for resistance exercises, but they will also help with stretching basically all parts of the body. However, it is important to choose the right elastic band or tape for your abilities. Different models offer different resistance. You should check beforehand which one will be suitable for you. It is also worth mentioning the expanders. These are simple devices consisting of two handles joined by a rubber band, and they can be used for weight training, developing arm, shoulder and back muscles.

Exercise balls

A gym ball – or fit ball or swiis ball – is an extremely versatile gadget and is well worth getting. It does not cost too much, and allows for a very interesting variety of our workouts. Although it looks inconspicuous, exercises performed with its help will give us a lot of strength. Keeping balance on the ball is not easy, but thanks to this we activate many muscle groups, including the deep ones, crucial for our spine. When it comes to stretching, balls are a soft support for us, and the possibilities of how we can lie or lean on them are almost endless. When choosing a ball, remember that its size should be adjusted to our height.


And finally a little pleasure after a hard workout. Rollers allow you to massage your muscles. They help to relax fascias, thanks to which our muscles and blood vessels will free themselves from their pressure. In stores we can find many models of rollers. In their basic version, they are foam rollers with a smooth surface. There are also models with bumps, which will do a better job of breaking up tense muscles and stimulating circulation, but such a massage after a hard workout may not be a pleasant experience. However, what one doesn’t do for health and fitness

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