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Jadon Lawson
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Practicing survivalism requires common sense, skill and good preparation. When setting out on an expedition, make sure you have reliable equipment with you.

Days spent on the trail and in the wilderness can be an exciting experience, as long as you exercise caution. No equipment is a substitute for skill, but if used wisely, it will make it easier to set up camp, make a fire, or set a trap, among other things. When choosing survival gear, pay attention to the usefulness and durability of the equipment rather than its aesthetic value. It is worth investing in better quality clothing and equipment, so that it will last for years and be adapted to different weather conditions. Equipment for various forms of outdoor activity should not be a burden during travel, so it is worth choosing lightweight and multifunctional devices.

Folding knife

A knife is the most useful survival tool, thanks to which you can process the material available in the field and construct various things out of it. It will definitely come in handy for various types of camping work. When choosing a knife, make sure that it can be resharpened. It is good if the handle is made of a material that allows you to grip the knife comfortably even in the cold. It is advisable to choose a folding model as it will be safer to carry in your pocket and will take up less space.


This multifunctional device will come in handy both in the workshop, during a fishing expedition and in the wilderness. Depending on the model, it includes pliers, wire cutter, can opener, screwdriver and file. The gadget can prove to be reliable while practicing the art of survival.

Tactical flashlight

A decent flashlight will come in handy in every camp. It is worth investing in a model resistant to adverse environmental factors, such as extreme temperatures, water or shocks. The best models have adjustable light intensity and indicate the level of battery charge. A flashlight is an essential gadget that will come in handy both at night on the trail and as an emergency light source at home.


An essential gadget for bird watching or hunting grounds is binoculars. If you decide to buy one, make sure the device has high resolution, long range, and a seal that guarantees waterproofing. Survival gear is exposed to faster wear and tear, so binoculars with dust and moisture protection are best.

An accurate compass

A compass is an essential tool for mapping out your route and orientating yourself so you don’t get lost in the wilderness. Modern models are compact and designed to be used while walking or running. If you have the option, choose a model that phosphoresces in the dark to help you use the compass at night.

Portable water filter

One of the forest commandments of Raymodn Mears, a well-known survivalist instructor, is to treat any water as if it were contaminated. Mears cautions to always boil or purify water, even if it would appear to be the cleanest in the valley. It’s a good idea to choose filtration methods that don’t require any chemicals or electricity – much more convenient than sanitizing tablets will be a portable water filter that uses gravity. With this gadget, you can drink from a stream or lake without worrying about poisoning.

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