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Jadon Lawson
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Functioning in a home with dry air can be extremely uncomfortable. 
Such an environment will be a major impediment to performing daily activities, especially for those suffering from ailments such as allergies, skin diseases or the common cold. Find out how to take care of the humidity in your home!

Natural air humidification – simple ways

To begin with, we will present simple ways to humidify the air that literally anyone can use. The first is to place plants in individual rooms. Flowers are known for their ability to produce oxygen and moisture. If you want to provide your living room or bedroom with the right level of humidity, opt for more plants in the room.

Another solution is to place glasses or bowls of water near a heat source, such as a radiator. Once evaporated, the water will make the air have the right degree of humidity. Other places to place a container of water next to are the fireplace mantle or the space near the stove.

Humidification of the air can also be provided by other means. If you want the usable space to have the right degree of humidity and be easy to breathe, then don’t close the bathroom during a hot bath. You can also choose to dry clothes in the middle of the room or leave the dishwasher open right after it finishes running. In either case, the water evaporates and makes the air more humid.

Devices for humidifying the air

Evaporative humidifiers rank first among the devices of choice. This group of products uses a fan to pass air through a damp filter that is soaked in water from a tank designed for this purpose. As dry air passes through it, some of the water evaporates, adding moisture to the air.

You can also find steam humidifiers in stores, which boil water and then release steam. Another popular variety are ultrasonic humidifiers. They have a membrane that vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency. It turns liquid water into tiny droplets and produces a cool mist. Air humidifiers can be bought at a price from 100 to about 4,000 zlotys. 

For standard use, cheaper products will be suitable. If one is struggling with allergies or more serious ailments, one should consider purchasing a more expensive humidifier that has more functions, such as air purification.

Why should you care about humidifying the air?

The right humidity in a room is between 40 and 60%. It depends on the temperature. For example, for a heat level of 19-20°C, the optimal humidity is about 55-60% and for 21-22°C it is 40-45%.

Proper humidity reduces the incidence and risk of respiratory infections that could be caused by airborne viruses. It also helps when treating dry skin, chronic sore throat or nosebleeds. It is also worth mentioning that the right level of humidity will help protect wooden home furnishings from cracking and splitting. 

Due to the aforementioned aspects, it is worth taking care of humidifying the air. For this you can use a device or opt for the so-called “home ways”. This will help take care of your health, as well as your home furnishings, and increase the comfort of the various rooms.

main photo: unsplash.com/Felicia Buitenwerf

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